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The personal information that our users share is important to protect. This privacy standard explains how we collect and use data about you and your usage of managed by

When does Adorno collect information from you?

We collect data from you when registering, while you browse the website and when you purchase products. We save the information that you provide when registering on the website, when you send us a message, when you buy products or tickets and subscribe to our email lists.

We also collect data that you might be less aware about sharing. Information about the pages you look at when visiting the Adorno Platform and knowledge on the device you connect to the site with. We also keep information about what products you Adore. If you have been invited by a friend via the website, we might have collected your email that way.

What personal information might be collected by us?

If you have registered or purchased a product on the site we have access to the contact details you provide. It includes your name, email address, telephone number and addresses. We also have your profile information, e.g your Facebook name, the username you choose, and your photo if you choose a profile picture. If you have sent us an email, we have your mail address which will only be used by Adorno for customer service purposes.

We collect data about your usage of Adorno, such as what products you buy, Adore and look at. Adorno knows your settings and preferences about how to use the platform. Adorno might collect information on the devices you use; operating system, browser, internet service, IP address. When you visit the platform we can access information about your location with this information.

When you choose to purchase a product from a designer at Adorno, we will know what method of payment you use. Depending on how you pay, we will gather payment information including card holder information, credit card type, credit card number, card expiry date, card verification code, Paypal account number and bank sorting code. We also use the payment service Stripe. Please be aware that Stripe has their own Privacy Policy. When ordering we ask for your billing address, delivery address, phone number, name and email address.

We do not collect any further information than this, other than if it shared with us voluntary.

How will this information be used by Adorno?

We collect information about you to communicate and send information about products. It also allows us to understand how the website is being used in order to improve and develop our services. We determine your personal usage in order to customize your viewing experience. Your personal information is also needed to optimize your experience, such as making sure that you see products available at your location, and translating parts of the site based on your location.

Why do we collect information?

We gather information to enable and to improve the usage of Adorno. What is automatically stored when you visit Adorno is used for statistics and to improve our website. Other personal information that you share may also be used for contacting you for delivery status updates, and we pass on certain contact details to our shipment providers, marketing and other use that is necessary for you to use the services that we provide.

You are responsible for the content that you share on Adorno. You can not use someone else’s name, or share illegal or unethical content. Anything you share or create on Adorno can be deleted without notice or explanation.

How might Adorno share or pass on your personal information to others?

Adorno does not sell information about our customers for marketing (commercial) purposes. But data about you can be shared with our partners for the purposes of further developing our services.

Other users of the Adorno platform might be able to receive information about you if you interact with other users, by commenting on posts, videos, articles, sending a message, or following other users.

Our service partners, such as shipping companies or marketing business, and our design partners, such as organizers of design events, may obtain data that we have collected. They will of course use your information in compliance with this privacy policy.

The curators and designers are part of the Adorno International Design Collaboration and can access your personal information to a limited extent. For example if a designer needs to contact you about a purchase you have made, they can obtain your contact details.

Your information could be passed on to third parties who need your personal information for legal reasons to protect our rights and detect illegal activities.

When you share information on Adorno, you must be aware that third parties, such as search engine crawlers (Google and similar) can obtain information about you from our website.

How is your information used for marketing purposes and how can you unsubscribe?

We use your email and usage data for our newsletter and to send information about Adorno and design products. You can unsubscribe from newsletters by clicking on the link in the emails. You might also receive mails about your orders or about changes in our services. If you wish to not receive anymore mails from us, please contact us at

Your information might also be used for targeted advertisement on the website or on other websites. You can read more about Cookies further down.

How do we store and protect your personal information in a secure way?

We primarily store the information on our servers, through a secure connection. (SSL enabled) Certificate by LetsEncrypt.

Using cookies and other storage methods, we might also store information on your device (read more about how we use cookies)

The personal information we collect can be used in other countries than your country of residence. Adorno is an international collaboration and we operate in countries with other standards of protection than there might be in your country. We are aware of, and working for, protecting your personal information in a secure way. We use technical security measures to avoid access to your data by unauthorized persons, primarily the security plugin Wordfence.

As you might have noticed, Adorno is connected to Facebook in order to make your registration as simple as possible. This is enabled by plugins that connects your browser with Facebook servers (Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA). Adorno can not influence how the data which Facebook collects using the plugin is handled. You can read more about how Facebook uses data in the Facebook Data Use Policy on their website.

How can you modify or delete your personal information?

You can delete your account at any time by accessing your settings in your account profile. If purchases have been made under your account, there will be kept a record in our system for legal and financial records. For help deleting your account and data

Can you access what information we have collected about you?

You have the right to know what data Adorno has collected about you. Please send us an email and we promise to try to find you all the personal information that you are looking for! If you wish to delete or modify the data, send an email at any time to

Is Adorno responsible for your privacy when you follow a link from our website?

At Adorno Design Platform, you can find links to design news, events and other content on third party websites. You should know that they have their own privacy policies and Adorno does not take responsibility for how other websites handle personal information.

Can Adorno make changes to this privacy policy?

It is possible that Adorno will update and change the Privacy Policy. We do not send out notifications when changes are made, and therefore ask you to review the Policy when you see fit.

What is a Cookie and how does Adorno use them?

Cookies are code files that are stored on your device (computer, smartphone or other) when you visit Adorno. Some of them are deleted, while other stay when you leave the platform. The cookies that are placed on your device come directly from us and belong to Adorno.

The cookies assist Adorno in understanding our visitors and how the platform is being used through statistics. This helps us to improve our services and make Adorno a more user friendly platform. Cookies also improve your navigation on the platform by remembering your preferences. And they help targeting the online marketing you see to you and your interests.

Want to stop using cookies?

Cookies do of course not give access to your device and the content that you store. The cookies we use are either of a nature to disappear when you leave the Adorno platform, or they might stay on your device. In your browser, you can choose to be informed about the storage of cookies. You can also decide to no longer accept cookies. Please be aware that it might influence the user experience on the Adorno platform. You can manage your cookie settings in your browser.

What web analytics services does Adorno use?

We use online advertising techniques in order to tailor content directly to you, and for marketing purposes. The marketing strategy is accomplished through information you provide and through the use of our cookies.

Google Analytics: is a web analysis service provided by Google. Google collects data to track and examine the use of Adorno, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. Google may use the data collected to personalize the ads of its own advertising network.

Information about how you use the website is generated by cookies and stored on a Google server (in the U.S). We can see what browser and operating system you use, from what website (URL) you were directed, the IP-address and time of server request.

If you no longer want us to collect and store data for web analysis, please contact us, and we will make sure to fulfill your request.

AdWords Re-marketing is a behavioral targeting service provided by Google. It connects the activity of Adorno with the Adwords advertising network and the Doubleclick Cookie. If you wish to block the cookie it can be done at:

We also use the advertising program Google Adsense.

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