Virtual Design Destination

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our reality in many ways.

The world was brought to a stand still. Confined in our homes for several months of uncertainty, we have been forced to reflect and reassess our lives. 

The pandemic was the last crisis out of several which have built up in all corners of the world in recent years. The climate crises and widespread environmental destruction on our planet is more visible than ever before. The level of tension and conflict between leading international powers has increased, while the surge of populism and authoritarianism has threatened to undermine democracies.

Awareness of the global ecological, political, economic, and social crisis we are threatened by has been furthered by the uncertainties and fears caused by the pandemic. It is more apparent than ever that we need to rethink and adapt the way we live. Luckily, the readiness to create a new and better reality is greater than ever. 

The New Reality

Fairs and exhibitions are a vital part of the design world, allowing artists and designers to access clients and attract new audiences. In light of the pandemic, “The New Reality” is presented entirely online. In preparing the exhibition, we wanted to acknowledge the disruption caused by the pandemic; provide an immersive, rich, and three-dimensional experience of the featured collections; and introduce designers to a global audience.

With regard to the impact of the pandemic on independent designers worldwide, we believe Adorno’s mission to provide an accessible platform for distinctive, unique, and international design is more important than ever.

Preparations for “The New Reality” were initiated during the surge of COVID-19 in Europe. The curators of the fourteen participating countries have been asked to reflect on specific experiences, thoughts, and themes from the time of lockdown in the curation and art direction of each of their country collections. They have been working with their local designers at the intersection of craft and design to develop sub-narratives to the overarching theme, including gender, urbanisation, climate, isolation, and healing, among others. Using design as a tool for change, “The New Reality” pursues effective and innovative solutions, bringing different knowledge and experiences together through design to investigate what our new reality is.

An online exhibition by Adorno

As a digital-first online gallery, Adorno has set out to revolutionise the way we experience design and art online. Working with a skilled team of 3D developers and artists, the aim is to take the term “online exhibition” to the next level. Virtual Environments are often showcased as simple images or videos, but, for Virtual Design Destination, Adorno has used the latest technology to make these environments fully interactive. Adorno has partnered with the pixel streaming platform Furioos to provide real-time rendering from any browser or VR headset, making it possible for visitors to freely navigate around immersive, country-specific environments to experience the collections that have all been modeled in 3D.

Visitors are able to meet the designers through integrated video interviews and last, but not the least, visitors are able to experience more than 100 pieces in their own homes by enabling Virtual Reality to place the objects in their surroundings with a smartphone.



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